Pharmacare: Let’s get it right

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The Advisory Council on the Implementation of National Pharmacare wants to hear from you! This is your chance to deliver a message that helps win a plan for everyone.

The survey will take about a couple of minutes to complete and includes both multiple choice questions and space for you to comment. We’ve created some quick tips to help you cut through the jargon and ensure you’re equipped to provide informed responses.

Here are three key points we believe the Advisory Council needs to hear:

1. Patchwork isn’t good enough
We are greatly concerned that the federal government will consider an inadequate model that euphemistically “fills the gaps”.  Imagine if our health care system had been built this way – uneven and unequal treatment. No thanks.

2. Five principles of the Canada Health Act must apply
The Canada Health Act says that our medical system is based on the following five principles: Universality, Accessibility, Comprehensiveness, Public Administration, and Portability. These principles need to apply to pharmacare as well.

3. We CAN afford pharmacare
Universal pharmacare should be based on a single-payer system that saves money. That’s what the Parliamentary Budget Officer confirmed in a report last fall. The principle here is that anyone, no matter their age, income, or where they live should have access to the medicines they need. This is NOT about raising taxes, or creating a patchwork system that includes premiums or up-front costs like co-payments or deductibles.  These notions come from the insurance industry and pharmaceutical companies. This is really about making universal pharmacare a priority in the same way we have made universal health care a priority. 

You’ve now got the key arguments at your fingertips! Are you ready?

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